Quotes from Former Students

"The instructor was very knowledgable and made the course easy to follow. He is an excellent instructor, not boring at all. He also taught us little tricks that are not in the manual, excellent work!"

"I want to take this time and tell you that the material and instructor was fantastic. She kept us in the game all the time. I have worked with P3, SureTrak, and now P5 for the past 7 years and I always highly recommend the program. Your company and instructors send it over the top."

"I can't tell you thanks enough, but EVERYONE got something out of the training. You did a great job breaking down the material and keeping us entertained for 3 days. We look forward to seeing you back for future training."

"I attended your Primavera P6 102 course....Throughout my career, I have attended several training courses and I would like to share with you that your organization's professionalism and hospitality are outstanding. It is fashionable these days for people and organizations to say 'support the troops/veterans'...you're one of the few that actually does. If there comes a time when I can directly reciprocate your generosity, I certainly will."

"The trainer did a great job. Very animated, witty, and a great person." "Very impressed with delivery of information. Easily understood. Also, impressed with the extent of knowledge of the program instructor."

"Very ecstatic about going to work and applying the knowledge of the program I gained in class. Also, very impressed with the instructor. I wish all of my instructors in college were as good."

"Great teacher. The best I have had so far in any other courses. Keep up the good work."

"Excellent at explanations. Very witty, fun, and kept everyone's attention throughout."

"This was the third class I have taken in ten years and this one by far was the best"

"Very good class. The instructor made this class and kept everyone's attention and answered all questions. I will send more employees to this class"

"The instructor is extremely professional and had excellent knowledge of the software. He not only answered my questions, but he proved his answers in the software. Very pleased and learned a lot. He is a very likeable person. He made me very welcome. He always took time to answer my questions very thorough." "Was a true joy to learn from"

"Great instructor. I had taken a P3 class in Houston with a different training company and this one is by far superior."

"Enjoyed the class! And I am excited to use the new program"

"Good course and great instructor!"

"Excellent instructor"

"Class was very informative and helpful. The knowledge I gained here will be used as early as today when I go back to the office."

"Great course! Will recommend rest of office"

"A wonderful course and knowledgeable instructor"

"Instructor is very qualified and holds attention"

"The instructor is very good with the software and made the class interesting"

"The instructor MADE this course! Intuitively understands our level of knowledge"

"Great class. Very much enjoyed"

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your IMS staff for the quality of professionalism, knowledge of product and comprehensive training provided to me and the rest of our staff..."

"Your teams of instructors have been very knowledgeable of the courses we have taken and have kept the sessions on subject, interesting, and due to their own hands on experience utilizing the product, the instructors have been able to relate to our needs."

"IMS has a great training facility; the environment is excellent, the staff is superb. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. The three days I spent in training at IMS was a great learning experience for me."

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