Learn the fundamental basics of project management.

ten-step-36Many individuals work on projects but do not have a complete understanding of the project management processes from beginning to end. They may not be armed with all the concepts and techniques to successfully deliver project results. The IMS and TenStep “Fundamentals” class series provides an overview of the concepts, processes and techniques associated with managing a project from end to end. This is not a theoretical review of project management. The class teaches the practical application of value-add project management. Students will leave the class with techniques and processes to apply to your own projects. Understanding and practicing the concepts taught in this project management training course increases the likelihood of success on the project.


None, this class teaches fundamental knowledge of project management

Learning Objectives

At the end of this class, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of projects and project management
  • Define the project in terms of scope, assumptions, risks, constraints, etc.
  • Build and manage a project schedule using structured processes
  • Recognize and manage project issues and risks throughout the project
  • Define and manage project scope to meet project deliverable commitments
  • Communicate proactively with project stakeholders
  • Determine and meet project quality requirements
  • Determine the need to contract work and how to manage outsourced projects

Who Should Attend:

  • New and experienced project managers that have not learned structured techniques
  • Current project managers that need a common refresher class
  • Managers that manage project managers and monitor project status
  • Team members that work on projects
  • Clients, customers and all stakeholders that participate on projects

Course Outline:

  • Project management overview
  • Defining, clarifying, and validating project work
  • Building and managing schedule and budget
  • Monitoring and managing issues, scope and risks
  • Communicating proactively with project stakeholders
  • Defining and managing quality and metrics
  • Managing procurement

Class Length:

  • One day (8 PDUs), two days (16 PDUs), three days (24 PDUs), four days (32 PDUs)
  • All classes have instructor-led discussion and numerous exercises to reinforce the content. Longer classes can teach the content at a deeper level and have more learning exercises.
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