Project management solutions to efficiently and successfully manage your projects with cost-effective methods.

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM)

Project Portfolio Management is about aligning project and investments with business priorities. It is about insight into the status and delivery of programs & projects that enable your business strategy. Its not enough to “do things right”, you must “do the right things.”

Program and Project Management Office

As the Project Management Office, you struggle to standardize project management practices and facilitate IT project portfolio management. In addition, your efforts help the company comply more easily with Sarbanes-Oxley and the increasing number of other regulations.

Resource Management

As a Resource/Functional Manager, it is your job to manage the intellectual capital of the organization. You need to understand intimately how available resources are actually being used, so that you can confidently match the right resource to the right work. You can then provide a reliable estimate of needed resources and resulting cost associated with internal and outsourced resource use.

Program and Project Management Solutions

As the Program Manager, you have the greatest responsibility – day to day achievement of major program objectives. Reporting to the Senior Executive, you have the responsibility of monitoring all of the project work happening in order to deliver on time and within budget. But, the same problems seem to occur again and again.

Professional Staff Augmentation

By using supplemental staffing, companies can be assured of thoroughly screened and experienced professionals without expensive recruiting and staffing costs. This allows companies to focus on the project at hand, and not the administrative burden of hiring employees.

Software Implementation

With a broad variety of experience and expertise, IMS can assist your company in achieving increased knowledge through practical application, training, and education.

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