Make informed decisions right from the first stage of project conception. 

Perform go/no-go analysis before placing the bid. Use probabilistic branching and probabilistic tasks to model uncertain or unlikely events within your project. Reduce the risk of your projects by choosing the schedule with the highest probability of success.

Continue to use Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis throughout the lifetime of your project. As progress is reported and resource availability changes, Primavera Risk Analysis can assess the impact on the remainder of your project schedule. With a more informed perspective of the risks involved you will make better decisions and even refine your initial strategy.

With Primavera Risk Analysis you'll have an objective view of required contingency to account for cost and schedule uncertainty as well as analyzing the cost effectiveness of risk response plans.  

Here are the key features of Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis:

Oracle Primavera
  • Identify common scheduling pitfalls that may result in misleading schedule or risk analysis results
  • Integrate predeveloped risk registers and define new risk registers
  • Address full lifecycle risk management through advanced Monte Carlo-based cost and schedule analytics
  • Report confidence levels with regards to finish dates, costs, float, internal rate of return and net present value

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