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By: Jeff Collins

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March 25th, 2014

The Power of Project Staff Augmentation: KN Energy, Inc. Case Study

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Project Staff AugmentationSeveral years ago, Innovative Management Solutions was called in by KN Energy, Inc. to help aid in their Pony Express Pipeline Project with project staff augmentation. The Pipeline Project was a massive three-part project that involved the transportation of crude oil and natural gas from Wyoming to Missouri.

Project Staff Augmentation: The Need For Experienced Project Management Personnel

Each stage of the project had its own unique set of objectives and challenges.

The first leg of the project dealt with the decommissioning of a crude oil line. This meant converting approximately 800 miles of existing 12" crude oil pipeline to a 24” pipeline designed for a natural gas service. The second part, no less daunting, involved 114 miles of new 12” crude oil pipeline that needed construction from Casper, Wy. To F. Laramie, Wy. The third and final stage was the construction of a 16” natural gas line from Rockport, Co. to Kimball, Ne, which equaled more than 65 miles. By the time this project was to be completed, the crew would have worked an area of just under 1,000 miles.

Successfully managing a project this size involves a lot of planning, visibility and know-how. Understanding the complexity of the project, KN Energy, Inc. called on IMS because of IMS' long history of working on large-scale projects. IMS looked over the details of the project and agreed on the need for experienced project management personnel to assist in this critical pipeline project.  

The Positive Effects of Hiring Experienced Project Management Personnel

Throughout each stage of the project, IMS dispensed a Project Coordinator for each pipeline conversion and construction. To further ensure project success, IMS provided field personnel to assist the client in managing construction, decommissioning, and turnover to AMOCO.

The end result was a masterfully-completed project that all parties involved considered a success. Despite stretching nearly 1,000 miles, each segment of the project was completed on time and within budget constraints. 

Having an experienced staff was just one element of this project's success. Click the banner below to find out more elements for project success and how to implement them into your next project. 


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