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By: Jeff Collins

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March 5th, 2014

IMS eU Virtual Project Management Training Courses: Tips on Getting Started

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Virtual Project Management Training CoursesIMS eU Virtual Project Management Training Courses: Getting Started

IMS eUniversity uses a live, interactive environment for virtual project management training that can be accessed from any personal computer with an internet connection. 

Students will use three components for these classes:

1. WebEx Training Center

2. Oracle Primavera software in IMS' hosted "cloud" solution

3. Oracle's eKit

WebEX Training

What is WebEx Training Center? Webex Training Center is a software program developed by Cisco that you install on your computer and use when participating in IMS eU courses. 

Below are four tips on what you need to get started with your Webex Training center and your IMS eU courses. 

  • To participate in a training session, you must download and install the Webex Training Center on your computer.
  • Once you join a training session for the first time, your training session service website starts the setup process.
  • Each time you start a session thereafter, it checks for the latest version and automatically updates itself.
  • System requirements:

                    PC System Requirements

              Macintosh System Requirements

Minimum requirements to attend fully interactive training sessions using Microsoft Windows:

  • Windows XP SP2, 2003 R2, Vista, 2008 R2, or Windows 7 

  • Intel Core2 Duo CPU 2.XX GHz or AMD processor (2 GB of RAM recommended)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

  • Firefox 3.6 or higher

  • Google Chrome (latest version)

  • Recommend ActiveX be enabled for Internet Explorer

  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled

Minimum requirements to attend fully interactive training sessions using Mac OS: 

  • Mac OS 10.5. 10.6 or 10.7

  • Intel processor (512 MB of RAM or more recommended) 

  • Safari 4.0 (Mac OS 10.5, 10.6); Safari 5.0 (Mac OS 10.5, 10.6, 10.7) 

  • Firefox 3.6 or higher (4.0 or higher recommended)

  • Google Chrome (latest version)

  • Java 6.0 or above 

  • JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled (plug-ins enabled for Safari)


Audio Requirements

Webex offers audio via a toll-free number or integrated VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

VoIP is an audio feature that sends the audio from the training session over the Internet, instead of through the telephone. A headset is recommended. We recommend using a standard headphone jack, 3.5mm.

In order to get your login information, after you register for the IMS eU training course you will receive a confirmation email with WebEx instructions. Below is more information that will help you throughout the process: 

  • The confirmation email will contain a link to register with WebEx for the training session. This registration process is quick and only requires your name and email address.
  • Following the submission of your WebEx registration, you will receive another email with the link to join the training session.
  • Save and use this email to join the session on the day of class.

Joining a Session

IMS eU recommends accessing the WebEx link approximately 15 minutes prior to the schedule start time.

To join a session you need to click the link in the second registration confirmation email, and then click "Join" for the appropriate training session. This "Join" link will only appear when the session is ready for participants to login.

Since information about training sessions can change at any time, please ensure you are viewing the most current training session information by refreshing the training session calendar prior to your attempt to join the session.

Below are various tips on how to enable the audio functions for the training courses:

  • Telephone Number
    • A pop-up window will appear with the telephone numbers, access code and your attendee ID after you join the session.
  • VoIP (Uses Computer Mic and Speakers)
    • A pop-up window will appear after you join the session. Under the bottom section of the screenshot "Use Computer for Audio", click the "Call Using Computer Button".
    • A pop-up window will then appear asking you to Join Integrated VoIP. You must click "Yes" to enable audio.
    • An Audio Broadcast window will also appear with your volume and mute controls. This window must remain open for the duration of the training session to enable the audio broadcast.
    • Tip: Usually, the cause of a fair orpoorVoIP connection is a lack of capacity, or "bandwidth", available for sending voice information over your network or the Internet.  To improveyourVoIP connection, you can try the following:
      • If you are sharing software, pause or stop sharing.
      • If you are sending video, close the video panel.
      • Close any other applications on your computer that might be using bandwidth for your Internet connection.
      • Avoid downloading files on your network or from the Internet while using Integrated VoIP.
      • Avoid browsing the Web while using Integrated VoIP.

Participating in a Training Session

How to interact with the training presenter:

  • You can interact with the presenter, and IMS Training support staff (Panelists), using the Chat.
  • To use chat type your message into the text box and press the Enter key or Send button.

There are many benefits that even the best project managers can take from an IMS eU training course. If you have not registered for an IMS eUniversity course or are interested in learning more about the benefits of these classes, the link below will direct you to our various eU courses we offer.

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