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By: Jeff Collins

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November 4th, 2015

3 Ways to Keep Your Project Team Motivated From Start to Finish

Project Team MotivatedThink about the gravest threats to your project. Are you concerned about excessive influence from risks? Do you lack adequate resources to complete the project according to specifics? If you have all of the necessary resources and tools, what reasons could severely undermine your project? Ironically, motivation can be the most damaging factor in your project.

A lack of motivation may not seem apparent at the onset of your project; however, motivation for your project team should always be a priority. Motivation needs to supersede all other considerations in project management, you must constantly think of ways to improve the motivation of your team. Out of all motivational tactics, the following three steps will be your primary sources of motivation from the start to finish of your project.

1. Assign Ownership To Spur Motivation.

Project team members can easily be forgotten and undervalued. However, each project management team plays a critical role in the success of your project. Unfortunately, retaining all of the responsibility for individual actions and tasks throughout the project leaves a hole in your project management team members’ responsibilities.  This contributes to the demise of motivation.

If you want to motivate your project management team, assign ownership of specific sections of the project to specific team members. This improve accountability for all team members and gives them a personal goal in striving for and meeting their responsibilities.

2. Create Challenges For Team Members to Overcome.

Necessity is proclaimed to be the catalyst for motivating an individual to rise above their current situation. However, project management software has given rise to an era of project management team members who lack challenges. Throughout the course of a project, motivate your team by creating new, interesting challenges to overcome. This encourages out-of-the-box thinking and improves deadline adherence. Yet, challenges can be overwhelming and contribute to a further decrease in motivation.

To combat this conundrum, make sure the challenges can be achieved. If you team lacks the resources to overcome such challenges, grant them additional tools and resources to surpass your expectations. This will ensure your team stays motivated and positive throughout the project.

3. Focus on Short-Term Deadlines.

How long will your project take to complete? Some projects may span years, if not decades, and you will see changes in your employees. You may need to hire additional team members as the project evolves, and some team members will move on to become project managers of their own ventures. Since some projects can be especially lengthy, avoid focusing on the overall deadline.

Break the project up into small, achievable sections. This gives complex, difficult-to-achieve projects the guise of ease and accessibility. As a result, your project management team will feel a sense of accomplishment as the project grows and is gradually completed. Furthermore, provide feedback and recognition to your team members as they accomplish their responsibilities. This will help keep motivation high and resolve strong throughout your project.

Motivational speakers understand the value of individual actions, which helps propel a person to reach new heights. This same principle can be applied to your project management team through these three methods. If your project management team seems to be lacking in morale or motivation, consider implementing these approaches now. A motivated team equals a successful team.

Key Things to Remember

  • Give your team members ownership over certain tasks and activities.
  • Create achievable challenges for team members to improve pride and sense of accomplishment, which helps with motivation.
  • Split up large projects into simple, smaller projects.

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