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By: Jeff Collins

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January 16th, 2015

2015's Top Enterprise Project Management Trends To Watch

enterprise project management

enterprise project managementEnterprise project management is, like many endeavors, changing in response to rapid technological advancements, increased risks and a growing importance of IT in organizations across the board. 2015 will bring many changes, but among the most salient are the roles played by devices and other tech, the importance of creating effective risk management approaches, and the emphasis on flexibility and adaptation.

Watch Out For These Enterprise Project Management Trends in 2015

Devices Have Left the Building

Mobile collaboration exited its infancy with the widespread adoption of the BlackBerry, but the world of enterprise project management is well beyond that now. In the age of BYOD (bring your own device) and individualized enterprise app stores, where employees and clients can download necessary applications from a customized marketplace, project managers must get ready to work with employees whenever, however, from wherever. While in many ways this will encourage productivity and allow for flexibility, make sure your software can handle mobile integration gracefully, or you might pay later.

Agile Is Here to Stay

No longer the zealous newbie it once was, Agile is now a well-integrated concept that dictates how many enterprise project management teams approach the tasks at hand. Prizing early delivery, inherent flexibility, embracing of change and never-ending improvement, Agile’s cross-functional and self-organizing mandates promote project success and employee satisfaction.

Mounting Threats Require Adaptable Risk Management

No one needs reminding of the vulnerability inherent in an increasingly connected world. In addition to dangers posed by hackers, disasters like fire, floods, inept management, sleazy employees and other unfortunate events can all endanger a company’s morale and financial well-being. Nevertheless, it is impossible to build an impregnable system, which means that enterprise project managers must be prepared to confront the inevitable risks with flexible, well-designed processes in place. Streamlined logging, security checks, audits … all will play a role in ensuring that projects and their deliverables are safe from attack or mishap.

Real-Time Planning Takes Center Stage

Sure, the age-old interpretation of the word “plan” (you know, where you do something in advance) is still valid, but more than ever before, the ability to think in the moment will be critical in 2015. Successful project managers are those that take the time to teach their teams adaptive thinking, flexible planning and calmness in the face of crisis.

IT Is No Longer a Support Role

IT is inextricably linked to the planning, execution and delivery of most projects, and can no longer be relegated to dark basements. In 2015, enterprise project management decisions will require input from technology departments for many of their biggest decisions. In turn, IT’s ability to flexibly adapt to rapidly changing corporate environments and project goals will be instrumental to enterprise’s success.

Key Takeaways

  • Become mobile friendly
  • Embrace Agile
  • Create risk management processes
  • Prioritize on-the-spot thinking
  • Bring IT into the fold

It’s a brave new world, and these are some of the biggest trends in it. Share your thoughts on other trends in EPPM we should watch out for with us on Twitter!

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