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By: Jeff Collins

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November 30th, 2015

10 Project Management Influencers You Should Follow in 2016

Project_Management_Influencers_Regardless of your skills and knowledge of project management, you must be open to learning about others in your field. Some project management professionals can influence your project from afar, yet the list of influencers can encompass hundreds of people. Fortunately, you can simply take a look at 10 of the top influencers in project management to follow in 2016.

Top 10 Project Management Influencers to Follow in 2016

1. Bob Sutton @work_matters

Bob Sutton makes our first spot in the list of top influencers to follow for his passion for his passion in the science of management and organizations. Furthermore, he is also a best selling author and well known Professor at Stanford.

2. Susanne Madsen @SusanneMadsen

Susanne Madsen consistently authors and retweets articles on improving personal skills and is an expert in project leadership. Her influences can be exemplified by her volume of followers and focus on making others into project leaders.

3. Michael Kaplan @mkaplanPMP

Michael Kaplan offers an array of advice for how to improve individual business practices in project management. Furthermore, his presence of LinkedIn and consistent use of Twitter helps make his opinions and thoughts present on the minds of professionals across the country.

4. Lindsay Scott @projectmgmt

As an author in project management topics, Lindsay Scott consistently posts information about increasing the effectivity of PMOs and how project managers can improve their overall performance.

5. Hala Saleh @HalaSaleh1

Hala Saleh focuses on Internet-based podcasts and webcasts to turn learning about project management into a working medium. Although her followers do not come in the quantity of some influencers, her insight into excellent information is unparalleled.

6. Carlos J. Pampliega @CJPampliega

For international considerations in project management, Carlos J. Pampliega should be your top influencer. Furthermore, he posts information concerning politics, news articles, and events in project management throughout the year, and his insight can help you find new resources.

7. Falk Schmidt @FalkSchmidt

Falk Schimidt was selected for his work in project management events, such as the Management Innovation Camp. Much of his work focuses on the benefits of eLearning in various settings.

8.  Elizabeth Harrin @pm4girls

As a leader in social media for project management applications, Elizabeth Harrin keeps followers updated on new tools and ways to approach events in project management. Furthermore, she routinely provides excerpts and more information about her latest books in project management.

9. Cornelius Fichtner @corneliusficht 

Cornelius Fichtner posts many different articles about new project management manuals and ways to improve sustainability in the industry. Furthermore, his work has garnered him a position in the list of the 100 Most Inspiring People in Project Management.

10. Brad Egeland @begeland

As #1 in the 100 Most Inspiring People in Project Management, Brad Egeland’s position in this list is secure. Many of his posts focus on explaining project management topics simply and quickly. Furthermore, most of his posts are written in a list-format to make reading them on the go an option for busy project managers.

These 10 influencers are excellent resources for information on improving your skills as a project manager. Follow them today, and take advantage of their experience in the future.

Quick List of Key Influencers to Follow in 2016

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